Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Very Full Summer

The "Queen Mary"

We have had quite the summer trip.

My husband, J, and I packed up our two kids and headed out to see our great places. We traveled for five and a half weeks, with stops in Canada, Washington, California, Idaho, Montana, and Michigan. We saw amazing things.

Glaciers in Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies.

Beautiful mountains.

Coast lines with water that made rhythmic sounds to sleep by.

Trees bigger than anything my imagination could have predicted.

Delicate flowers that painted the landscape.

And a few new friends along the way.

I am so full of awe and appreciation for all I saw and experienced this summer. White water rafting, hiking, and biking just hits the tip of the iceberg for all we were able to do. I also appreciate all the time I had with my kids and husband uninterrupted by outside influences. We were completely unplugged for the majority of the trip, which allowed us to really absorb both each other and our surroundings. Time like that during the normal school year is fleeting, and so I know that each minute I have is a blessing.

I am also full of inspiration going into a new fall and a new school year. This vacation gave me quiet time to think and reflect on my personal goals and my goals for our family. I am looking forward to sharing my plans and escapades with you all.

For now, I am a very tired individual. Sleep is just what the doctor is ordering. Tomorrow is going to hold a start on the to-do list I have generated to get myself ready for the upcoming back to school experience.

Have a great evening!


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